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26 Oct

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English Assignment

31 May

To tell you guys the truth, this blog is actually for my English homework (that’s why I can’t use abbreviations like LOL)…. So if you guys don’t want to read a boring post, you shouldn’t read this post, because it’s going to be quite intellectual.

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K-ON! (けいおん!)

30 May

The reason I got to know this anime is quite funny and embarrassing… I was reading an internet comic that was like a diary. The cartoonist talked about how he encountered a new anime called ‘K-ON.’ After reading his review on the anime, I got an interest in the anime and decided to watch it.

Yui is a cute little girl that is always losing things. She is very clumsy and her grades are very bad due to her clumsiness 🙂 . However she is extremely cute and adorable! She is my favorite character since she is “fluffy.” She loves cakes and sweets, while complaining that those are foods that make her fat. Although she is clumsy, she has a talent for music.

She first came into the light music club by accident. Well, after coming to high school, she thought she should get involved in some activity and roamed around the school. Then, the founder of the light music club dragged Yui into the club and convinced her to join the club by giving her cookies and cakes. Yui didn’t know how to play any instruments, but she decides to join the club and later, gains an interest in playing the guitar.

Ritsu is the founder of the club who convinced Yui into joining the club. She is a very boyish character who loves to make fun of Mio or Yui. Her energy is what sustains the club and holds the members together. Although she is the founder of the club, she doesn’t like to work and lounges around, eating cake and cookies.

She plays the drums, but doesn’t like to play it since drums don’t get as much attention as the guitars do (the drums usually stay at the back when performing). She loves to get attention and is very cheerful. I saw her improving her drum skills from the beginning and was very impressed at her initiative.

Mio is a quiet character who is very smart. She teaches Yui, since Yui’s grades are too low and is not allowed to take any clubs. I personally like Mio since she is shy and cute. Although Ritsu always plays with her hair and tells her scary stories, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Her vulnerability is what makes me go crazy!

Like her quiet personality, she plays the bass. Since she doesn’t want to be the center of attention, she chose to play the bass.

Mugi is the daughter of a rich businessman. That’s why she always provides the club with cookies, cakes, and teas. Yui complains to her that she is making her fat, but Yui enjoys the relaxing tea time that they have. Mugi is also very quiet and calm. However, she has cute sides to her. She joined the light music club because she wanted to get out of her ordinary elegant life.

She plays the keyboard, and is somewhat good at it. Well, frankly I don’t really like her as much as I do Mio or Yui. She’s too calm for me…

At first, I thought it was just another one of those “cute little anime about high school girls,” but as the story went on, I thought it was really an anime for me. I can only describe this anime as fluffy, cute, and warm 😀 .

AND! Here is the link for K-ON season 2!

I didn’t watch it yet because I promised I wouldn’t start watching a new anime until SAT Biology ended T_T Plus I don’t like starting new animes that are not finished (some of you who read my former post on Fairy Tail will know why)

Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル)

30 May

No, I didn’t write the title wrong! I thought it was supposed to be spelled ‘Fairy Tale’ too, because tail is a tail and tale is like a story (don’t you agree?). It’s called ‘Fairy Tail’ because they wanted to go on an adventure that was as quizzical as the question “Do fairies have tails?” That is why the name of the guild and the name of the anime is ‘Fairy Tail.’

-Algebra class-

I was doing my classwork, but someone wasn’t. I can’t tell you his (oops! revealed the gender) name, but he was watching an anime in Algebra class (regardless the remote macbook desktop, he is bold!). I just caught a short glimpse of the clip he was watching and found out that it was an anime. It looked kind of amusing, so I asked him in Chemistry class (now you know that he has Chemistry and Algebra with me) what anime he was watching. He told me it was ‘Fairy Tail’ and recommended it to me, saying “If you like One Piece, you’d probably like this too.” I do watch ‘One Piece’ and enjoy watching it (although it went up to about episode 450. Dragging the story too much!) so I decided to watch ‘Fairy Tail.’

BUT! A problem: I decided not to watch animes that are not finished. It’s because I’m too impatient and I can’t wait a week for the anime to come out (I’m already getting tired of ‘Conan,’ ‘One Piece,’ ‘Bleach,’ ‘Hitman Reborn,’ and ‘Spooky Restaurant’)! So, I decided to watch only one episode. HOWEVER this anime was too fun to just quit! So now I’m waiting for Monday to come again for episode 32.

Lucy is one of the main characters. She’s really bright and happy all the time, but she can be gloomy when the subject on her father comes up. She may not seem like it, but she is a daughter of an aristocrat called Heartphilia. She runs out of her house because she doesn’t want to be the daughter of an aristocrat and wants to find her true self.

I don’t think she is a very strong magician, because when a fight breaks out, it is only Natsu, Grey, and Elja who fight. However, Natsu, Grey, Elja, Happy, and Lucy make up the strongest team in the Fairy Tail guild.

This key is what Lucy uses when she fights.

It can call out holy spirits like cancer, aquaris, nicola, holologium, and taurus. As you might have guessed, the guy above is cancer, who can cut the enemy’s hair and make them lose their morale.

Natsu is another main character who brought Lucy to the guild. They met in a small town where Lucy was being hypnotized by another magician, and Natsu was the one who saved her. Lucy explained that she wanted to get into the famous guild ‘Fairy Tail’ and Natsu invited her to become a part of the guild. He always accompanies a cat with a wing, whose name is Happy. Natsu found Happy’s egg when he was a child and believed him to be a dragon. Ever since, he always sticks with Happy, who helps him fight (Happy can actually fly!).

Natsu uses fire magic, and he is very strong. He can eat fire, which gives him power (after he eats fire, he always says “I’m energized!”). However, he can’t eat his own fire (well, to be logical, you can’t eat your own magic….) so he almost lost in a fight since he couldn’t eat fire and get energized.

He learned fire magic from Ignire, who is a dragon. I’m very surprised that a dragon could raise a child and resist eatting it!

Gray is another main character who uses ice magic. He learned his magic from a woman named Wool who lost her child. He always takes off his shirt due to the training that he got from Wool (she made him take off his shirt to make him get used to the cold).

He fought with Natsu from the first time they met and always fights with Natsu whenever he meets him (maybe because they’re ice and fire? haha). Although Gray is a quiet and serious character, he is considerate and caring although he doesn’t express it.

So how does the fight with Natsu and Gray end?

It ends with Elja stopping the fight. She is the strongest female magician in the guild and everyone in the guild is afraid of her (when Natsu and Gray heard that Elja was going to return to the guild, they panicked like chickens with their heads chopped off!). She can use sword magic and change her weapons and armory with her magic.

These five (including Happy) magicians make up the strongest team in the guild. It’s really fun predicting (and watching) what adventures they are going to go on next. Every episode is very fresh and fun! I recommend this anime to people who value friendship and likes animes related to magic!

To watch the latest episode of Fairy Tail, see the side bar of my blog!

Gintama (銀魂)

24 Apr

….?…..?…..? HUH??

Gintama….is….OVER?!?!?!?! What the…. -_- Oh My God. I know I’ve been too busy lately (AP Bio test on May 10th!!) going to hagwons and everything, but….. Gintama is OVER?!?!?

Well, these days I was kind of busy since I’m going to become a Junior next year. So I couldn’t watch animes lately…. But I didn’t expect Gintama to end like this! I thought they were kidding again (last time on episode 150, the characters announced to the viewers that it was the last episode since Sunrise- the sponsor- closed down. But it was all a joke…) and I didn’t believe that they were going to end!

Anyways…. It’s the end of Gintama….. Without Inuyasha and Gintama, I have only Reborn!, One piece, and Detective Conan to watch on Monday T_T And Bleach on Thursday. And Thriller Restaurant on Tuesday. (When I list it up, it looks like I watch too much, but time flies when watching animes 🙂 )

On episode 175, Gintama announced they were going to do a countdown until the end. They hid numbers on the title to imply the end is coming near. But, I didn’t (refused) to believe it, because I thought it was another one of their jokes. I didn’t know it was going to come true like this… It came so suddenly…..

Gintoki is the main character that is the boss of the troubleshooter team. He’s extremely funny and doesn’t seem like a leader from time to time due to his clumsiness. He loves to eat sweets, which gives him cavities (he practically goes to the dentist everyday). He always wears the robe with one arm out and always carries a wooden swoard with him, since he is a samuri.

In the world that Gintoki is living in, the aliens took over Edo (Japan), making it hard for samuris to survive, so practically Gintoki is the only “normal” samuri. Although he is funny and clumsy, he can be quite serious from time to time. This is when he fights for his friends or for his dignity. He tries not to cause any trouble, but doesn’t back off when he sees something wrong.

Shinpachi is the “tackler” in the troubleshooter team. He always talks back to other people and give Gintama a funny element. Gintoki and Kagura consider his glasses as the “real” Shinpachi. since he has no sense of existence (it’s funny how Gintoki and Kagura always ignores Shinpachi and talks to his glasses).

Although he might look nerdy, his dream is to become a samuri like Gintoki. That’s the reason why he joined the troubleshooter team. He lives with his older sister since his parents got killed by the aliens. He can be serious, but I can’t really tell when he’s serious since he is always serious….

Kagura is a girl from another planet who loves to eat. She eats all the rice in the cooker every meal and always complains to Gintoki that she’s hungry. She’s very nice and funny. Too boyish maybe, but she gets along with other people well. She has a Chinese accent (I don’t can’t even imagine a Chinese person speaking Japanese…), but she’s actually an alien that doesn’t like the sun (that’s why she carries the parasol, which can serve as a gun as well).

She joined the troubleshooter team because she was inspired by Gintoki. At the beginning, she was an assassin that killed for money (she wanted to earn money to eat…<< I would say a little pathetic…). She didn’t like the job and tried to get out of the assassin team, but they tried to kill her. So Gintoki, who was buying a comic book, helps her and offers her a job at the troubleshooter team.

There are a lot more characters like Toshiro, Sogo, Sadaharu, Gorilla, etc. They are extremely funny and I personally love Toshiro (he loves mayonnaise that’s why he’s eating it with rice;; DISGUSTING!) and Sogo!

I recommend this anime to people who are very familiar with Japanese anime or Japanese TV shows. Gintama parodies a lot of famous Japanese TV shows and makes fun of Japanese celebrities. So, it would be easier to understand if you were familiar with Japanese TV, but don’t worry if you’re not! When I first started watching, I didn’t know anything but still enjoyed it A LOT! Simply, THE FUNNIEST.

Please Read!

10 Apr

READ!! 1: On the side bar, you can check out opening and ending theme musics of animations that I posted, so check it out!

READ!! 2: There are some animations with inappropriate scenes and I will mark those animations with warning signs. Please don’t read the posts with warning signs if you are repelled by gory scenes. I will not be responsible for any mental trauma that you might go through, so be careful!

READ!! 3: Use the category to find posts that you are interested in~: )

Inuyasha the Final

9 Apr

FINALLY! Inuyasha the Final has come to an end…. I longed for the ending of Inuyasha to come out. I saw the first season of Inuyasha when I was in 7th grade, and it was the first anime that I watched (it’s the reason why I became an otaku;;), so it really means a lot to me that I was able to see the final episode of Inuyasha.

I posted my last review on episode 25, which is one episode before the final episode. I wondered if Kagome would win the ball of wishes and if it would end as a happy ending. Indeed! As I expected (and as Janet told me), it did end as a happy ending: )

At first, I thought Kagome and Inuyasha didn’t resolve to marry each other, because at the beginning part of the episode, I saw them in their own separate worlds: Kagome in the 21st century, and Inuyasha in the old days of Japan. BUT! the author of Inuyasha knew that he would get scolded from the readers if he didn’t make it a happy ending. So it turned out to be that Inuyasha and Kagome meets each other later!

When I saw that the well, in which Inuyasha and Kagome use as transportations to each other’s world, was gone, I was very depressed and felt so gloomy (I’m too into Inuyasha…)! I was panicking, because I thought it was supposed to be a happy ending according to Janet. ‘Atlas! She has tricked me!’ is what came to my mind as I was watching.

I felt more and more sorry for Inuyasha as the episode proceeded, since Sango and Hoshi resolved to marry each other. Sango gave birth to three children and they were living happily as a family, and Inuyasha was watching them with envy. He looked so gloomy and solitary without Kagome…..T_T

Also, Kagome wasn’t really enjoying her life. After all, she should’ve missed her family much since she was with Inuyasha’s world for over 4 months! However, she didn’t seem so happy when she returned and wanted to see Inuyasha even when she was with her family.

Anyways, I’m very glad that Kagome and Inuysha resolved to a happy ending 🙂

Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート)

7 Apr

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! It’s rated 19 for a reason! It will give you a huge trauma! This anime is violent and is inappropriate for people that are repulsed easily by gruesome scenes! Please, if you are one of those people, don’t read this post and sue me, because I warned you!

I don’t remember, but it was club time when I first saw this anime (shhhhhh, it’s supposed to be a secret, but the chess club was so boring! I had nothing to do and I had to keep myself awake and I only watched one episode….). Actually, my friend was watching it and I asked him what anime it was. He answered me “Elfen Lied.” At first, I was like “what?” because Elfen Lied is actually German. It means ‘the song of the elves.’ Frankly, I don’t see how this anime can be called “the song of the elves” since it’s really violent, gruesome, and gory.

Well.. There are scenes such as this….

and this…

and this…

So, why is it called “Elfen Lied?” Well, the main characters are all ‘diclonius.’ Diclonius is a new species that looks like a human, but has horns on their head. They are very violent and has special powers, like having multiple arms and legs.

Lucy is one of the main characters, who is a diclonius. She escapes from the laboratory and while she does that, her head is wounded and her personality splits into two (DUALITY! Makes me thinks of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for some reason….), which is Lucy and Nu.

Nu is the good version and Lucy is the violent version. The reason why Lucy is so violent is because she was excluded from everybody because of her physical appearance when she was a child.

However, the other main character, Kouga, was very nice to her and treated her like a normal person. Lucy began to open up to him, but there was this one incident where Kouga lied to Lucy.

This made her very angry and she killed Kouga’s family and traumatizes Kouga, making him lose his memory.

The background of Lucy is very complex, as well as the origin of her violent personality. Elfen Lied is very philisophical that it deals with the duality of a person (or diclonius I should say…) and the violence of human beings.

The immoral side of human beings is shown with the people in the laboratory, who are experimenting with dicloniuses to find out their abilities and the level of violence.

Also, we can see the violence of the diclonius and the duality that people possess through Lucy’s violent actions.

Elfen Lied ranks one of the top animes I’ve watched in my life, and I really hope you watch it! It could be quite repulsive for those of you that don’t like to watch other people’s head falling off….. HAHA : )

P.S. Here are some more gruesome scenes if you want to get a sense of how bloody the anime is …. But I doubt any of you would want to watch it… 😛

Definition of an Otaku

31 Mar


“a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. A female otaku is occasionally referred to as a fujoshi. ”

– From Wikipedia-

Well, that is the common definition of an otaku, but I don’t want people to think that Otakus are bad. Otakus just have a “different” way of enjoying themselves and have a “special” type of hobby. It’s not like what common people think- for example: otakus can’t differentiate between the real world and animes or otakus want to marry 2D anime characters. Yes, we are in love with animes and mangas, but we are not lunatics! We can differentiate between the real world and animes.

And this definition really offended me and may offend other otakus!

“Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn’t have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)
Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer). ”

– From Urban Dictionary-

Whoever wrote this definition is a pure meany! It’s not like otakus don’t have a life that they like to watch animes or mangas! It’s because we like to watch them and have interest in them that we watch animes and mangas. Plus, we are NOT referred to as a nerd/ hacker/ programmer!! I’m actually quite bad with technology and computers….

So, when I refer to myself as an otaku, I want you guys to know that it is nothing negative, but a simple way to refer to people who like to watch anime and manga : ) And please do respect my interest and other otakus! OTAKUS HAVE FEELINGS TOO.