15 Mar


Today is the dreaded MONDAY (doom doom doom!) that everybody hates. Is it me or is it me who likes Monday? I think it’s just me who likes Monday.

Why do you think I’m so hyper on a Monday (dreaded day marking the start of a new week… The “*sigh* how am I going to bare until Friday” day)? It because….

I get to watch new episodes of

  • Inuyasha – Final (episode 23)
  • Detective Conan (episode 568- it’s been on TV for like 12 years)
  • Gintama (episode 199)
  • Hitman Reborn (episode 175)
  • One-piece (episode 442)

Last week Inuyasha didn’t play for some reason, so I’m really looking forward to this episode (*it better be good cause I waited for two weeks*)! It’s coming to an end since Inuyasha and his gang are fighting the last battle with Naraku! I’m also anticipating to watch Hitman Reborn and One-piece! This week, Luffy from One-piece is going to recover and try to rescue his brother from prison. But I doubt that he will, cause if he does, it would mean his journey’s going to come to an end, and that’s not going to happen. Ah, and Hitman Reborn! I hope everyone goes back to the past again and live a happy mafia life : ), but they have to fight first.

*** If you just understood what I said above, you are an OTAKU! You’re normal if you didn’t understand : )

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