23 Mar

Those of you who are fans of Inuyasha might’ve noticed…

EP 25 was uploaded a day late!!! I mean…. I have things to do too and I am quite busy:

  1. spring break (= going to “hagwons” and spending my afternoon with Barron’s AP Bio)
  2. Going to more “hagwons” (from 11AM-10PM)
  3. Doing my world geo project (writing 15 page thesis on France)
  4. Doing my AP bio project (making a booklet on all the class and major phyla of animals)
  5. Reading assignment for English (chp13-16 Dracula)

Despite all these assignments I have, I still leave time for watching anime (miracle, I know.). AND Inuyasha! you betray me? I was waiting for it during the weekend, longing to see it, desperate for a break, and you BETRAY ME? I know I’m being kind of hysterical about uploading it one day late, but it’s coming to an end soon! Episode 26 is the final episode….T_T I’d better make sure I catch that one!

Well anyways, I’m just glad that they didn’t rest one week like they did last time! << If that was the case, I seriously would’ve called Tokyo TV -_- .

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