Inuyasha Episode 25 (SPOILER!)

24 Mar

WARNING WARNING WARNING! This post is a spoiler, so if you didn’t watch Inuyasha episode 25 yet, don’t read this post! It will ruin the fun!!

–Now for people who don’t have time to watch episode 25, or have watched it–

EPISODE 25 WAS A BLAST! It kind of sums up the fight with Naraku, but we still have one more episode left. So the remaining conflict is: Kagome vs. the ball of wishes

Finally! Naraku dies and the spell that was on Hoshi disappears. Meaning, the black hole that was on his right hand disappears! Meaning, he can marry with Sango and have children and don’t have to worry about getting sucked into the black hole (like his father did T_T<< sad I know.).

It seems like they should celebrate Narku’s death… BUT! Kagome gets sucked into the black hole (nothing to do with the black hole on Hoshi’s hand) due to the last wish of Narku! What did Narku wish for? THAT! we can (might) find out on the next episode! <<AHA! A cliffhanger I see!

And this is poor Inuyasha trying to save Kagome…T_T

<< He’s quite obsessed with protecting Kagome especially after Kikowu’s death;; Probably because he doesn’t want to lose another girl that he likes, but he is kind of a player! I mean liking Kikowu and Kagome at the same time!! Plus he didn’t really care if Kagome was around when he was kissing and hugging Kikowu! Why do you care now, huh Inuysha? -_-

Well… that was my personal thought right there;; Sorry if it was distracting:)

After Kagome’s disappearance, an old lady notices that the well is missing! (The well is what connected Inuyasha’s world from Kagome’s world) Meaning Kagome might not come back to Inuyasha’s world!!!! So, Inuyasha decides to follow Kagome and opens up the black hole with his sword and jumps in. <<He might not come back as well since the black hole is a “black hole” and people don’t usually come back when they go in;;

Anyways… He tries to save her but fails… T_T and Kagome is sucked into her original world (21st century). Everything seems normal and everything seems like they’ve returned to their original state. However, Kagome feels like there is something missing. <<She’s right! This world wasn’t the 21st century, but an illusion created by the ball of wishes!

So Kagome notices she’s not in her world, and that she is actually in the black hole. She meets the ball of wishes (which she thought that she destroyed) and the ball of wishes lures her into making a wish.

Poor Inuyasha struggles to save Kagome….

Now…. what will be the faith of Kagome and Inuyasha? Will they return to their own world? Will Kagome wish upon the ball?

Leaving these questions behind, I wait for episode 26 (next Monday= end of spring break= absolutely no time to watch anime but I will make time for episode 26!).

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  1. Dani at 2:39 AM #

    ❤ Inuyasha! ❤

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