Gintama (銀魂)

24 Apr

….?…..?…..? HUH??

Gintama….is….OVER?!?!?!?! What the…. -_- Oh My God. I know I’ve been too busy lately (AP Bio test on May 10th!!) going to hagwons and everything, but….. Gintama is OVER?!?!?

Well, these days I was kind of busy since I’m going to become a Junior next year. So I couldn’t watch animes lately…. But I didn’t expect Gintama to end like this! I thought they were kidding again (last time on episode 150, the characters announced to the viewers that it was the last episode since Sunrise- the sponsor- closed down. But it was all a joke…) and I didn’t believe that they were going to end!

Anyways…. It’s the end of Gintama….. Without Inuyasha and Gintama, I have only Reborn!, One piece, and Detective Conan to watch on Monday T_T And Bleach on Thursday. And Thriller Restaurant on Tuesday. (When I list it up, it looks like I watch too much, but time flies when watching animes 🙂 )

On episode 175, Gintama announced they were going to do a countdown until the end. They hid numbers on the title to imply the end is coming near. But, I didn’t (refused) to believe it, because I thought it was another one of their jokes. I didn’t know it was going to come true like this… It came so suddenly…..

Gintoki is the main character that is the boss of the troubleshooter team. He’s extremely funny and doesn’t seem like a leader from time to time due to his clumsiness. He loves to eat sweets, which gives him cavities (he practically goes to the dentist everyday). He always wears the robe with one arm out and always carries a wooden swoard with him, since he is a samuri.

In the world that Gintoki is living in, the aliens took over Edo (Japan), making it hard for samuris to survive, so practically Gintoki is the only “normal” samuri. Although he is funny and clumsy, he can be quite serious from time to time. This is when he fights for his friends or for his dignity. He tries not to cause any trouble, but doesn’t back off when he sees something wrong.

Shinpachi is the “tackler” in the troubleshooter team. He always talks back to other people and give Gintama a funny element. Gintoki and Kagura consider his glasses as the “real” Shinpachi. since he has no sense of existence (it’s funny how Gintoki and Kagura always ignores Shinpachi and talks to his glasses).

Although he might look nerdy, his dream is to become a samuri like Gintoki. That’s the reason why he joined the troubleshooter team. He lives with his older sister since his parents got killed by the aliens. He can be serious, but I can’t really tell when he’s serious since he is always serious….

Kagura is a girl from another planet who loves to eat. She eats all the rice in the cooker every meal and always complains to Gintoki that she’s hungry. She’s very nice and funny. Too boyish maybe, but she gets along with other people well. She has a Chinese accent (I don’t can’t even imagine a Chinese person speaking Japanese…), but she’s actually an alien that doesn’t like the sun (that’s why she carries the parasol, which can serve as a gun as well).

She joined the troubleshooter team because she was inspired by Gintoki. At the beginning, she was an assassin that killed for money (she wanted to earn money to eat…<< I would say a little pathetic…). She didn’t like the job and tried to get out of the assassin team, but they tried to kill her. So Gintoki, who was buying a comic book, helps her and offers her a job at the troubleshooter team.

There are a lot more characters like Toshiro, Sogo, Sadaharu, Gorilla, etc. They are extremely funny and I personally love Toshiro (he loves mayonnaise that’s why he’s eating it with rice;; DISGUSTING!) and Sogo!

I recommend this anime to people who are very familiar with Japanese anime or Japanese TV shows. Gintama parodies a lot of famous Japanese TV shows and makes fun of Japanese celebrities. So, it would be easier to understand if you were familiar with Japanese TV, but don’t worry if you’re not! When I first started watching, I didn’t know anything but still enjoyed it A LOT! Simply, THE FUNNIEST.

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