Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル)

30 May

No, I didn’t write the title wrong! I thought it was supposed to be spelled ‘Fairy Tale’ too, because tail is a tail and tale is like a story (don’t you agree?). It’s called ‘Fairy Tail’ because they wanted to go on an adventure that was as quizzical as the question “Do fairies have tails?” That is why the name of the guild and the name of the anime is ‘Fairy Tail.’

-Algebra class-

I was doing my classwork, but someone wasn’t. I can’t tell you his (oops! revealed the gender) name, but he was watching an anime in Algebra class (regardless the remote macbook desktop, he is bold!). I just caught a short glimpse of the clip he was watching and found out that it was an anime. It looked kind of amusing, so I asked him in Chemistry class (now you know that he has Chemistry and Algebra with me) what anime he was watching. He told me it was ‘Fairy Tail’ and recommended it to me, saying “If you like One Piece, you’d probably like this too.” I do watch ‘One Piece’ and enjoy watching it (although it went up to about episode 450. Dragging the story too much!) so I decided to watch ‘Fairy Tail.’

BUT! A problem: I decided not to watch animes that are not finished. It’s because I’m too impatient and I can’t wait a week for the anime to come out (I’m already getting tired of ‘Conan,’ ‘One Piece,’ ‘Bleach,’ ‘Hitman Reborn,’ and ‘Spooky Restaurant’)! So, I decided to watch only one episode. HOWEVER this anime was too fun to just quit! So now I’m waiting for Monday to come again for episode 32.

Lucy is one of the main characters. She’s really bright and happy all the time, but she can be gloomy when the subject on her father comes up. She may not seem like it, but she is a daughter of an aristocrat called Heartphilia. She runs out of her house because she doesn’t want to be the daughter of an aristocrat and wants to find her true self.

I don’t think she is a very strong magician, because when a fight breaks out, it is only Natsu, Grey, and Elja who fight. However, Natsu, Grey, Elja, Happy, and Lucy make up the strongest team in the Fairy Tail guild.

This key is what Lucy uses when she fights.

It can call out holy spirits like cancer, aquaris, nicola, holologium, and taurus. As you might have guessed, the guy above is cancer, who can cut the enemy’s hair and make them lose their morale.

Natsu is another main character who brought Lucy to the guild. They met in a small town where Lucy was being hypnotized by another magician, and Natsu was the one who saved her. Lucy explained that she wanted to get into the famous guild ‘Fairy Tail’ and Natsu invited her to become a part of the guild. He always accompanies a cat with a wing, whose name is Happy. Natsu found Happy’s egg when he was a child and believed him to be a dragon. Ever since, he always sticks with Happy, who helps him fight (Happy can actually fly!).

Natsu uses fire magic, and he is very strong. He can eat fire, which gives him power (after he eats fire, he always says “I’m energized!”). However, he can’t eat his own fire (well, to be logical, you can’t eat your own magic….) so he almost lost in a fight since he couldn’t eat fire and get energized.

He learned fire magic from Ignire, who is a dragon. I’m very surprised that a dragon could raise a child and resist eatting it!

Gray is another main character who uses ice magic. He learned his magic from a woman named Wool who lost her child. He always takes off his shirt due to the training that he got from Wool (she made him take off his shirt to make him get used to the cold).

He fought with Natsu from the first time they met and always fights with Natsu whenever he meets him (maybe because they’re ice and fire? haha). Although Gray is a quiet and serious character, he is considerate and caring although he doesn’t express it.

So how does the fight with Natsu and Gray end?

It ends with Elja stopping the fight. She is the strongest female magician in the guild and everyone in the guild is afraid of her (when Natsu and Gray heard that Elja was going to return to the guild, they panicked like chickens with their heads chopped off!). She can use sword magic and change her weapons and armory with her magic.

These five (including Happy) magicians make up the strongest team in the guild. It’s really fun predicting (and watching) what adventures they are going to go on next. Every episode is very fresh and fun! I recommend this anime to people who value friendship and likes animes related to magic!

To watch the latest episode of Fairy Tail, see the side bar of my blog!

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