K-ON! (けいおん!)

30 May

The reason I got to know this anime is quite funny and embarrassing… I was reading an internet comic that was like a diary. The cartoonist talked about how he encountered a new anime called ‘K-ON.’ After reading his review on the anime, I got an interest in the anime and decided to watch it.

Yui is a cute little girl that is always losing things. She is very clumsy and her grades are very bad due to her clumsiness 🙂 . However she is extremely cute and adorable! She is my favorite character since she is “fluffy.” She loves cakes and sweets, while complaining that those are foods that make her fat. Although she is clumsy, she has a talent for music.

She first came into the light music club by accident. Well, after coming to high school, she thought she should get involved in some activity and roamed around the school. Then, the founder of the light music club dragged Yui into the club and convinced her to join the club by giving her cookies and cakes. Yui didn’t know how to play any instruments, but she decides to join the club and later, gains an interest in playing the guitar.

Ritsu is the founder of the club who convinced Yui into joining the club. She is a very boyish character who loves to make fun of Mio or Yui. Her energy is what sustains the club and holds the members together. Although she is the founder of the club, she doesn’t like to work and lounges around, eating cake and cookies.

She plays the drums, but doesn’t like to play it since drums don’t get as much attention as the guitars do (the drums usually stay at the back when performing). She loves to get attention and is very cheerful. I saw her improving her drum skills from the beginning and was very impressed at her initiative.

Mio is a quiet character who is very smart. She teaches Yui, since Yui’s grades are too low and is not allowed to take any clubs. I personally like Mio since she is shy and cute. Although Ritsu always plays with her hair and tells her scary stories, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Her vulnerability is what makes me go crazy!

Like her quiet personality, she plays the bass. Since she doesn’t want to be the center of attention, she chose to play the bass.

Mugi is the daughter of a rich businessman. That’s why she always provides the club with cookies, cakes, and teas. Yui complains to her that she is making her fat, but Yui enjoys the relaxing tea time that they have. Mugi is also very quiet and calm. However, she has cute sides to her. She joined the light music club because she wanted to get out of her ordinary elegant life.

She plays the keyboard, and is somewhat good at it. Well, frankly I don’t really like her as much as I do Mio or Yui. She’s too calm for me…

At first, I thought it was just another one of those “cute little anime about high school girls,” but as the story went on, I thought it was really an anime for me. I can only describe this anime as fluffy, cute, and warm 😀 .

AND! Here is the link for K-ON season 2!

I didn’t watch it yet because I promised I wouldn’t start watching a new anime until SAT Biology ended T_T Plus I don’t like starting new animes that are not finished (some of you who read my former post on Fairy Tail will know why)

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