English Assignment

31 May

To tell you guys the truth, this blog is actually for my English homework (that’s why I can’t use abbreviations like LOL)…. So if you guys don’t want to read a boring post, you shouldn’t read this post, because it’s going to be quite intellectual.

In English 10 in my high school, so far I read: Dracula, Brave New World, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Beowulf, Macbeth, and Grendel. Today, I want to take about the book that we are currently reading; Brave New World. Brave New World is a novel by Aldous Huxley, and is a satire of the World State. While reading this book, I thought that the World State was somewhat similar to our society and somewhat different.

Similarities that I saw between the World State and our society was that we all get “conditioned” to a certain extent. Although we may not realize it, we are being conditioned by the advertisements, our parents, and other factors around us. For example, our parents always tell us to get good grades and expects us to excel especially in math. This is because of the notion that Asians (especially Koreans) should be good at math. Our parents have been conditioned to believe that this is true and we are conditioned by our parents to believe that this is true, stimulating us to strive to excel in math.

However, the difference between the World State and our society is that our society is much more liberal than the World State. The World State uses hypnopaedia, which is to repeat phrases over and over while sleeping, to condition people and to manipulate their ideas. Thus, the people in the World State believe from their birth that viviparous birth is bad and taking soma can solve any problems. Also, the World State despises viviparous birth, since it breaks the stability of the community. The World State’s motto is ‘Community, Identity, Stability’ and the World State revolves around the motto by promoting polygamy, soma, and spending sprees. It is explicit that compared to the World State, our society is much more liberal.

Now, the boring assignment is over! For those of you who bore through this boring post, I thank you for your patience and now you may go and read some of my funner (grammar!) postings! I hope you don’t leave my blog because of this post…..Just Kidding Mr. Stephens (my English teacher) :D.

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