Hey guys! I’m a high school sophomore going to Korea International School and I love Japanese animation. It was 7th grade when I first started watching animes ( remember it to be Inuyasha- not sure;;).

My blog contains contemplation of animation that is purely for entertainment. It’s going to be really informal and (I’ll try to make it) fun. These animations are animations that I am currently watching or animations that I have watched in the past. I really hope WANT you guys to watch these animations that I recommend.

My blog also discusses some philosophical (yet fun) Japanese animations. However, many of these philosophical animations may include scenes that are inappropriate: gory, venereal, violent etc. I want the viewers to understand that these are factors of making a great animation that is deep and philosophical. I sincerely wish that the viewers will understand and those repulsed by these inappropriate scenes can simply avoid reading those posts. Animations with inappropriate scenes will be marked with a warning sign to warn the viewers before hand.

I hope that you guys will enjoy reading my posts and watch the animations that I recommended! : )

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