Inuyasha the Final

9 Apr

FINALLY! Inuyasha the Final has come to an end…. I longed for the ending of Inuyasha to come out. I saw the first season of Inuyasha when I was in 7th grade, and it was the first anime that I watched (it’s the reason why I became an otaku;;), so it really means a lot to me that I was able to see the final episode of Inuyasha.

I posted my last review on episode 25, which is one episode before the final episode. I wondered if Kagome would win the ball of wishes and if it would end as a happy ending. Indeed! As I expected (and as Janet told me), it did end as a happy ending: )

At first, I thought Kagome and Inuyasha didn’t resolve to marry each other, because at the beginning part of the episode, I saw them in their own separate worlds: Kagome in the 21st century, and Inuyasha in the old days of Japan. BUT! the author of Inuyasha knew that he would get scolded from the readers if he didn’t make it a happy ending. So it turned out to be that Inuyasha and Kagome meets each other later!

When I saw that the well, in which Inuyasha and Kagome use as transportations to each other’s world, was gone, I was very depressed and felt so gloomy (I’m too into Inuyasha…)! I was panicking, because I thought it was supposed to be a happy ending according to Janet. ‘Atlas! She has tricked me!’ is what came to my mind as I was watching.

I felt more and more sorry for Inuyasha as the episode proceeded, since Sango and Hoshi resolved to marry each other. Sango gave birth to three children and they were living happily as a family, and Inuyasha was watching them with envy. He looked so gloomy and solitary without Kagome…..T_T

Also, Kagome wasn’t really enjoying her life. After all, she should’ve missed her family much since she was with Inuyasha’s world for over 4 months! However, she didn’t seem so happy when she returned and wanted to see Inuyasha even when she was with her family.

Anyways, I’m very glad that Kagome and Inuysha resolved to a happy ending 🙂


Elfen Lied (エルフェンリート)

7 Apr

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! It’s rated 19 for a reason! It will give you a huge trauma! This anime is violent and is inappropriate for people that are repulsed easily by gruesome scenes! Please, if you are one of those people, don’t read this post and sue me, because I warned you!

I don’t remember, but it was club time when I first saw this anime (shhhhhh, it’s supposed to be a secret, but the chess club was so boring! I had nothing to do and I had to keep myself awake and I only watched one episode….). Actually, my friend was watching it and I asked him what anime it was. He answered me “Elfen Lied.” At first, I was like “what?” because Elfen Lied is actually German. It means ‘the song of the elves.’ Frankly, I don’t see how this anime can be called “the song of the elves” since it’s really violent, gruesome, and gory.

Well.. There are scenes such as this….

and this…

and this…

So, why is it called “Elfen Lied?” Well, the main characters are all ‘diclonius.’ Diclonius is a new species that looks like a human, but has horns on their head. They are very violent and has special powers, like having multiple arms and legs.

Lucy is one of the main characters, who is a diclonius. She escapes from the laboratory and while she does that, her head is wounded and her personality splits into two (DUALITY! Makes me thinks of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for some reason….), which is Lucy and Nu.

Nu is the good version and Lucy is the violent version. The reason why Lucy is so violent is because she was excluded from everybody because of her physical appearance when she was a child.

However, the other main character, Kouga, was very nice to her and treated her like a normal person. Lucy began to open up to him, but there was this one incident where Kouga lied to Lucy.

This made her very angry and she killed Kouga’s family and traumatizes Kouga, making him lose his memory.

The background of Lucy is very complex, as well as the origin of her violent personality. Elfen Lied is very philisophical that it deals with the duality of a person (or diclonius I should say…) and the violence of human beings.

The immoral side of human beings is shown with the people in the laboratory, who are experimenting with dicloniuses to find out their abilities and the level of violence.

Also, we can see the violence of the diclonius and the duality that people possess through Lucy’s violent actions.

Elfen Lied ranks one of the top animes I’ve watched in my life, and I really hope you watch it! It could be quite repulsive for those of you that don’t like to watch other people’s head falling off….. HAHA : )

P.S. Here are some more gruesome scenes if you want to get a sense of how bloody the anime is …. But I doubt any of you would want to watch it… 😛

Definition of an Otaku

31 Mar


“a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games. A female otaku is occasionally referred to as a fujoshi. ”

– From Wikipedia-

Well, that is the common definition of an otaku, but I don’t want people to think that Otakus are bad. Otakus just have a “different” way of enjoying themselves and have a “special” type of hobby. It’s not like what common people think- for example: otakus can’t differentiate between the real world and animes or otakus want to marry 2D anime characters. Yes, we are in love with animes and mangas, but we are not lunatics! We can differentiate between the real world and animes.

And this definition really offended me and may offend other otakus!

“Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn’t have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)
Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer). ”

– From Urban Dictionary-

Whoever wrote this definition is a pure meany! It’s not like otakus don’t have a life that they like to watch animes or mangas! It’s because we like to watch them and have interest in them that we watch animes and mangas. Plus, we are NOT referred to as a nerd/ hacker/ programmer!! I’m actually quite bad with technology and computers….

So, when I refer to myself as an otaku, I want you guys to know that it is nothing negative, but a simple way to refer to people who like to watch anime and manga : ) And please do respect my interest and other otakus! OTAKUS HAVE FEELINGS TOO.



Inuyasha Episode 25 (SPOILER!)

24 Mar

WARNING WARNING WARNING! This post is a spoiler, so if you didn’t watch Inuyasha episode 25 yet, don’t read this post! It will ruin the fun!!

–Now for people who don’t have time to watch episode 25, or have watched it–

EPISODE 25 WAS A BLAST! It kind of sums up the fight with Naraku, but we still have one more episode left. So the remaining conflict is: Kagome vs. the ball of wishes

Finally! Naraku dies and the spell that was on Hoshi disappears. Meaning, the black hole that was on his right hand disappears! Meaning, he can marry with Sango and have children and don’t have to worry about getting sucked into the black hole (like his father did T_T<< sad I know.).

It seems like they should celebrate Narku’s death… BUT! Kagome gets sucked into the black hole (nothing to do with the black hole on Hoshi’s hand) due to the last wish of Narku! What did Narku wish for? THAT! we can (might) find out on the next episode! <<AHA! A cliffhanger I see!

And this is poor Inuyasha trying to save Kagome…T_T

<< He’s quite obsessed with protecting Kagome especially after Kikowu’s death;; Probably because he doesn’t want to lose another girl that he likes, but he is kind of a player! I mean liking Kikowu and Kagome at the same time!! Plus he didn’t really care if Kagome was around when he was kissing and hugging Kikowu! Why do you care now, huh Inuysha? -_-

Well… that was my personal thought right there;; Sorry if it was distracting:)

After Kagome’s disappearance, an old lady notices that the well is missing! (The well is what connected Inuyasha’s world from Kagome’s world) Meaning Kagome might not come back to Inuyasha’s world!!!! So, Inuyasha decides to follow Kagome and opens up the black hole with his sword and jumps in. <<He might not come back as well since the black hole is a “black hole” and people don’t usually come back when they go in;;

Anyways… He tries to save her but fails… T_T and Kagome is sucked into her original world (21st century). Everything seems normal and everything seems like they’ve returned to their original state. However, Kagome feels like there is something missing. <<She’s right! This world wasn’t the 21st century, but an illusion created by the ball of wishes!

So Kagome notices she’s not in her world, and that she is actually in the black hole. She meets the ball of wishes (which she thought that she destroyed) and the ball of wishes lures her into making a wish.

Poor Inuyasha struggles to save Kagome….

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23 Mar

Those of you who are fans of Inuyasha might’ve noticed…

EP 25 was uploaded a day late!!! I mean…. I have things to do too and I am quite busy:

  1. spring break (= going to “hagwons” and spending my afternoon with Barron’s AP Bio)
  2. Going to more “hagwons” (from 11AM-10PM)
  3. Doing my world geo project (writing 15 page thesis on France)
  4. Doing my AP bio project (making a booklet on all the class and major phyla of animals)
  5. Reading assignment for English (chp13-16 Dracula)

Despite all these assignments I have, I still leave time for watching anime (miracle, I know.). AND Inuyasha! you betray me? I was waiting for it during the weekend, longing to see it, desperate for a break, and you BETRAY ME? I know I’m being kind of hysterical about uploading it one day late, but it’s coming to an end soon! Episode 26 is the final episode….T_T I’d better make sure I catch that one!

Well anyways, I’m just glad that they didn’t rest one week like they did last time! << If that was the case, I seriously would’ve called Tokyo TV -_- .

Brand new animes of April!!

18 Mar

These are BRAND NEW animes of April!

Arakawa Under the Bridge


MAJOR 6th Series

K-ON Season 2

GOYO the Kidnapper

Hana Katpa

I hope all of you guys have a great spring watching some of the animes starting this weekend! : )

The Wallflower (ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥)

16 Mar


I do not get why this is called “The Wallflower” cause it’s really not a suiting title;; Well apparently the translators screwed something up and translated the title really wrong! If you translate ヤマトナデシコ七変化 literally, it’s supposed to be “Weird girl Sunako” or something like that.

Setting aside my disappointment for the translators (whoever they are -_-), the best way to understand and enjoy this animation is to look at the characters. Here we go…

  • Kyouhei Takano : former “bad boy” causing a lot of trouble because of his beauty XD

  • Takenaga Oda : living is structured and thinks mechanically, but has a warm heart

  • Yuki Toyoma : the cutest of the four! Doesn’t enjoy dressing up like a girl, but everyone insists. Always the one crying

  • Ranmaru Morii : the “player”

AWYEAH  this is what I’m talking ’bout! I mean can you stop yourself from becoming like this?

Sunako always gets a nosebleed when she sees the "bright organisms" in the eye...

Well, Sunako is “supposed” to be the main character (I guess), but look at the four guys! Sunako is the luckiest girl EVER to be surrounded by them! I mean she should seriously thank her aunt for sending her to live with the guys.

But what does she do? The title kind of implies… I mean the “weird girl sunako” one, not “the wallflower” one… Sunako is a really queer one actually. She’s gothic and shows symptoms of a hikikomori. Well, I guess she is a hikikomori (definition from Claire’s dictionary: a person who sticks herself/himself into her/his room and never comes out. Always watches videos that are “otaku-ish” and doesn’t have any friends. By-the-way refer to the “Def. of Otaku” post if you don’t know what otaku means :D).

-Actually, she has many “forms“…-

  • Form 1: Hikikomori ver.

She's watching a horror movie, so you might not want to bother her at the moment.... OR ELSE....

  • Form 2: Pretty ver.

She is actually quite pretty when she turns into this form, but it's just that she doesn't like to become a "lady-like" lady. There is a whole episode that talks about why she becomes so gothic and hikikomori-ish.

  • Form 3: Gothic ver.

This is the usual Sunako when she is outside of her room (very rare case!). She doesn't like the sun -she thinks it's going to melt her;;- and doesn't like to go outside of her room.

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