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The Wallflower (ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥)

16 Mar


I do not get why this is called “The Wallflower” cause it’s really not a suiting title;; Well apparently the translators screwed something up and translated the title really wrong! If you translate ヤマトナデシコ七変化 literally, it’s supposed to be “Weird girl Sunako” or something like that.

Setting aside my disappointment for the translators (whoever they are -_-), the best way to understand and enjoy this animation is to look at the characters. Here we go…

  • Kyouhei Takano : former “bad boy” causing a lot of trouble because of his beauty XD

  • Takenaga Oda : living is structured and thinks mechanically, but has a warm heart

  • Yuki Toyoma : the cutest of the four! Doesn’t enjoy dressing up like a girl, but everyone insists. Always the one crying

  • Ranmaru Morii : the “player”

AWYEAH  this is what I’m talking ’bout! I mean can you stop yourself from becoming like this?

Sunako always gets a nosebleed when she sees the "bright organisms" in the eye...

Well, Sunako is “supposed” to be the main character (I guess), but look at the four guys! Sunako is the luckiest girl EVER to be surrounded by them! I mean she should seriously thank her aunt for sending her to live with the guys.

But what does she do? The title kind of implies… I mean the “weird girl sunako” one, not “the wallflower” one… Sunako is a really queer one actually. She’s gothic and shows symptoms of a hikikomori. Well, I guess she is a hikikomori (definition from Claire’s dictionary: a person who sticks herself/himself into her/his room and never comes out. Always watches videos that are “otaku-ish” and doesn’t have any friends. By-the-way refer to the “Def. of Otaku” post if you don’t know what otaku means :D).

-Actually, she has many “forms“…-

  • Form 1: Hikikomori ver.

She's watching a horror movie, so you might not want to bother her at the moment.... OR ELSE....

  • Form 2: Pretty ver.

She is actually quite pretty when she turns into this form, but it's just that she doesn't like to become a "lady-like" lady. There is a whole episode that talks about why she becomes so gothic and hikikomori-ish.

  • Form 3: Gothic ver.

This is the usual Sunako when she is outside of her room (very rare case!). She doesn't like the sun -she thinks it's going to melt her;;- and doesn't like to go outside of her room.

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